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First Steps

First Steps is a new program designed to assist owners of untrained horses.  This will be a new program we are starting at our facility, hopefully launching by the end of this  year.  Our trainer Zen Greenlee will offer training customized to each individual horses needs at a very affordable price.  This training will be offered to both the horse as well as to the owner of the horse.

We have created this program in an effort to reduce the number of horses sold to slaughter each year.  We have found that the majority of horses sold to slaughter locally are registered, sound, young animals lacking any kind of training.  By providing a solution to the problem we hope to increase horse awareness and decrease horse slaughter in our area.


Meet Our Trainer

Zen Greenlee

My name is Zen Greenlee and I live here in Olathe, Colorado. I have been riding horses for most of my life. It has only been within the last ten years that I have realized horses are the ones teaching me. Every horse has their own individual story, way of life, and attitude. My job is to figure out how to communicate with each horse in a way where they understand what I am teaching them. My ultimate goal is to bring the bond between the horse and rider closer, and I am able to do this using the " three C's of hormanship," Calm, Confident and Consistency. I start off small, and then offer them big rewards for their small efforts. This is the basis of how I train the horses that come to me and I have found that the horses pick up on this reward based system, quickly and pretty soon they are giving more and more effort with little asking. I find solitude in working with young and "problem" horses. It gives me the greatest reward when that horse starts to pick up on what I am teaching them.

"A soft foundation will let a house crumble, but makes a horse rise." - Zen Greenlee

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